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Adriatic sea was not the rough sea just because of the pirates and captains, but because of the many storms, as well. That’s the reason why the eastern part of the Adriatic sea has plenty of undersea archeological sites, especially at the archipelago of Vis and Zadar. They are covered with amphora and sank ships which help the undersea archeologists to reconstruct the trade across the two sides of the Adriatic coast and not just Adriatic, but the trade with other Mediterranean countries during the history. Shipwrecks were not caused only by storms, but by the sea battles, as well. Do we take care about undersea archeological sites and how? How to protect them? How those archeological sites help the archeologists to reconstruct the maritime history? How to make the history of the sea battles and shipwrecks more popular? In this workshop we will discuss those questions.

Workshop leader: Josip Burić, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split