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The eastern part of the Adriatic coast was inhabited by several groups that engaged in piracy. Beginning with the Illyrians that robbed Roman and Greek merchants and ending with the Uskoks who robbed Venetian and Turkish ships and were finally defeated in the middle of the 17th century. Though the pirates of the Adriatic area mainly seized goods from merchant vessels passing their settlements, they also made some campaigns inland, to pillage settlements and kidnap inhabitants. They turned them into slaves or held them for ransom. The regular sea traffic that demanded passing the Dalmatian coast, the coastline with many islands and narrow channels and local support made piracy a profitable business. In this workshop we will discuss different groups of pirates that pillaged and plundered in the area through time. We will discuss their lives, escapades and finally their defeat.

Workshop leader: Urša Brinovec, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana