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On third day of seminar we are taking you to the Klis fortress near Split. During the medieval period, Klis was the center of the Early Croatian Littoral or Klis County (Parathalassia). It was the property of Croatian kings.

By the end of the 13th century Klis was ruled by the princes Šubić’s of Bribir, the mightiest family of Croatia, and from 1335 the town was again under the protection of the king and the administration of fortress commanders.

The most turbulent time of the history of Klis was the beginning of the 16th century, the time of the greatest Turkish invasion to these areas. The most successful defender of Klis was Petar Kružić, captain and town duke, who resisted the Turkish attacks and besieges for two and a half decades. With his death on March 12, 1537, Klis fell under Turkish rule which meant the loss of the most powerful Croatian fortification in Dalmatia. For 111 years the Jadro River was the border between the Turkish Klis (Kliški Sandžak) and the Venetian controlled Split.

In 1648 the Venetian army led by general Leonardo Foscolo, joined by the numerous Croatian locals, managed to liberate Klis from the Turks after 10 days of hard-fought battles and achieved its greatest success during the Cretan War. The area of Klis was organized as a special military and administrative area ruled by the providur based in Klis. The Klis fortress, completely restored and significantly enlarged, remained under the flag of Venice until 1797 when it was taken over by the Austrians.

Nowdays, it has been renovated. The members of the historical army unit “Kliški uskoci” are taking care of it. Every year, at the end of July they organize historical battle “Uskočki boj za Klis” in the remember of the great Battle for Klis from 1532.

In the end, you are all familiar with this place because it was used as a location for filming the HBO series Game of Thrones!