Little vocabulary of Split’s slang

We use vocals A LOT.


Situation number one: 

Two friends meet unexpectidly:

“Oooooooooo!” (Hello, it’s nice to see you!)

“Eeeeeee!” (Hello, it’s nice to see you too!)

“I?” (How are you? / What’s up? / What’s new?)

“Aaaaaa….” (Not that good… something is not ok.)

“Uuuuuu….” (Too bad to hear that from you.)

“Ae…” (That’s how it is.)

Sitaution number two:

The most common expression that we use is “Ae”.

“Ae” (Yes, that’s how it is.)

“Ae” (Really? I cannot believe it. I am very surprised!)

“Ae” (Yes, didn’t I told you?)